Why Is the US Involved in International Affairs?

In its foreign policy, the United States plays a major role in international affairs. The interconnectedness of the world’s countries means the US indirectly has an interest in the welfare of other nations. What happens elsewhere can have unpredictable consequences for the US. In addition to its direct interests, US involvement in foreign affairs can undermine our values at home. However, there are also benefits. A significant proportion of U.S. defense expenditures is directed toward defending its allies.

As a result of the Arab Spring, the U.S. has supported military coups in the Middle East and elsewhere. In both cases, Islamists had been on the brink of winning the national election in Algeria. In addition, in both Libya and Syria, the U.S. has supported the transfer of power to a new regime, despite the fact that the country has a republican form of government.

America’s involvement in the Middle East has long been motivated by economic interests. Moreover, the region is home to many Iranian, Turkish, and Jewish Americans. As such, the US has become a major player in the region. While its role in this region should be different from that of the past, it must remain supportive of positive initiatives. Therefore, the United States must maintain its influence in the region to avoid future problems.

As a democracy-promoting power, the US should strive to spread the concept of freedom. The logic of democratic peace suggests that the United States will have fewer enemies if more nations are democracies. Further, promoting democracy abroad will enhance the United States’ national security. If Russia and China could become stable democracies, the United States will be much safer than if it were not.

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