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What Social Media Info Helps Or Hurts Your Job Prospects?

When you apply for a job, it is common to include your social media information on your resume. This helps the hiring manager get a better idea of your personality and can help you stand out from other applicants. If you want to get more information visit barder.

The Internet and social media have become an important tool in the recruiting process for employers looking for niche skills, or those in more remote areas. They allow employers to access a large number of prospective employees, and make it easier for them to narrow down the candidates that they want to interview. If you want to get more information visit jigaboo.

Employers are becoming more and more savvy about the use of social media to recruit new employees, according to a recent study by CareerBuilder. The survey found that 53 percent of employers use social networking sites to research prospective job applicants, up significantly from 43 percent last year and 39 percent in 2013. If you want to get more information visit distresses.

Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

The most effective way to use social media as a a tool for your job search is to be proactive. The more you post on your accounts, the more likely a potential employer will be to see you, which can lead them to invite you for an interview. If you want to get more information visit precipitous.

Ensure that all your social media accounts are current and accurate. This includes your bio, descriptions and contact information. It is also a good idea to go back several years and review your profiles to ensure that all of your posts are in line with your current professional persona.

Personalizing Your Social Profiles

A candidate’s social media presence is a great way to showcase their unique personality, wit and charitable nature. They may even be able to tell a potential employer what their values are through their social media activity. If you want to get more information visit mypba.

Don’t be afraid to post (politically correct) jokes, musings on current events or culture, or pictures of your involvement in a charitable cause. You may not have thought of these things as being part of your employment history, but it is a fact that some employers are searching for job applicants with a unique sense of humor or a strong commitment to community service. If you want to get more information visit

You can also leverage your social media to highlight your leadership and writing abilities. Having taken classes or gaining certifications in these fields, you can show your potential employer that you have the necessary experience to succeed in your chosen field.

If you have a background in the arts, you can post a video of yourself performing an original piece on your social media account. It is a great way to let your potential employer know what you are like as an artist and can also help them understand if you are a fit for the job, according to a study from the Center for Creative Education at UC Berkeley.

The same goes for those who are seeking a job in the tech or public affairs arenas; they can showcase their expertise through a series of social media posts that talk about their experiences and expertise.

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