What is the Difference Between an iPhone and a Smartphone?

The biggest differences between an iPhone and a smartphone are in the price and functionality. The iPhone is expensive compared to other phones. It incorporates latest technology and security measures. More than seventy-eight million people use the iPhone worldwide isohunt, making it one of the most desirable brands in the phone industry. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with multiple functions, including internet and multimedia. Both types have touch-based interfaces and offer several features. Smartphones are produced by a number of manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple, and Motorola.

While Apple emphasizes elegance and simplicity, Android users can easily replace batteries and expand storage. Apple phones do not allow replacement batteries or memory expansion. Typically, an iPhone needs to be serviced by a professional. Android phones, however, are more customizable. Android users can upgrade their memory and batteries themselves. The Android phones can be repaired by the consumer, though the repair costs may be higher. Smartphone owners typically own accessories to make them more comfortable.

Despite being both popular and highly desirable 7hdstar, smartphones have a significant difference in operating systems. Apple iPhones use the proprietary iOS operating system, while Android phones run on an open source platform, sponsored by Google Inc. While both Android smartphones have numerous applications, iPhones are the only device that runs the iOS operating system. Therefore, they are similar in many aspects, but can differ dramatically in price. However, Apple’s hardware is arguably more robust and durable.

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