What Is Snapchat Used For Most?

When it comes to socializing, Snapchat may just be the app for you. Using filters and lenses, taking photos, and talking to friends are among the top reasons people use Snapchat. But other reasons include keeping up with current events and learning more about topics of interest. To understand what Snapchat is really used for, we’ll look at some trends for the next few years. If you’re unsure of what to do with the app, read on to discover how brands are using it to stay ahead of the curve.

Although it was initially designed for private photo sharing, Snapchat now supports messaging, live video chatting, and sending videos. The app even allows users to use Bitmoji avatars to express themselves, and can broadcast a chronological “story” to everyone on the network. Despite its relatively simple interface, Snapchat also includes a designated “Discover” section that features short-form content from major publishers. Regardless of the type of content users want to share, it is clear that a large audience is willing to spend time on this app.

Though Snapchat has been steadily growing, its user base is becoming increasingly rural, with only 26% of users being from rural areas, according to Statista. The number of female Snapchat users is increasing steadily, with the rest of the world and Europe accounting for 37% and 26%, respectively. Snapchat officials refuse to reveal demographics by gender, but sources confirm this breakdown. The social network grew by over five times during the last year, reaching more than 150 million users worldwide.

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