Top things to discuss with a pest control service in Escondido

When you have done everything to eliminate pests from your property in Escondido but with little success, you know it is time to call the experts. Professional exterminators and pest control companies can offer the help and expertise you need, and you can get a warranty on the work. In this post, learn more about the things you must discuss when you hire a service.

Their expertise

When you meet the pest control experts for a site inspection, ask the following questions

  • How long have you been offering services in Escondido?
  • Are you a licensed service?
  • What kind of pests do you typically deal with?
  • Do you work for residential and commercial clients alike?
  • Do you have relevant certifications?
  • Are you a member of professional bodies related to pest control?

Their approach

There was a time when pest control services would use pesticides and insecticides as required to tackle an infestation, but things are different now. Today, companies often stick to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, which are better for the environment. Ask the team members about their approach and how they intend to address the current concerns. They should use green and safe products when possible and must try to protect humans and other animals from the side effects of pest control.

Their pricing

The cost of pest control depends on the factors listed above. A company that doesn’t care much for the planet or just tries to kill insects, bugs, and rodents will obviously charge a lot less as they wouldn’t use the best products, means, and methods. When it comes to estimates, check every detail to ensure you are getting value for money rather than looking for a service that offers a low quote.

Time required, warranties, and insurance

A pest control company is expected to have insured workers and liability insurance, and you should insist on seeing the papers. You should also ask how long it would take to contain the infestation, the number of treatments required, and whether they would do a follow-up check. You should also look for warranties, which should be a part of the contract. Companies now also offer preventive pest control deals, which include a fixed price for an entire year that will cover inspections and treatments (if necessary).

Being a step ahead in how you focus on pest problems at home can be extremely useful in saving money. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse.

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