Styling Tips That Will Change Your Life

If you think that this styling guide is all about “wear this, not that,” rest assured that it’s not.

In any case, it’s a commonplace to find curvy women stuck in a style rut simply because they feel unsure about what complements their bodies. If you can relate, know that by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll not just have the confidence you need in terms of styling, but you’ll also know how to find plus size clothing that meets those styling needs.

Over 2,000 plus-size clothing stores operate all across Australia. Over time, these brands have introduced stylish cuts and silhouettes that complement all body shapes. However, owning your personal style begins with applying the below-mentioned tips –

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Accept Your Body

In case this tip doesn’t apply to you – you go, girl! More power to you. However, many plus-size ladies still struggle to accept their bodies, especially those who may have put on weight recently due to health conditions, pregnancy, etc.

While you should always try to lead a healthy lifestyle, remember that hating your body is not the answer. On the contrary, you should rock expotab what you’ve got by making better style decisions (something we’ll address a little later).

Start the day with an affirmation that boosts your confidence.

Search for Influencers with Your Body Shape for Inspiration

The body positivity movement has gained traction like never before! So many gorgeous fashionistas have come forward with their plus-size styling tips.

You can find them all over Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Go through a couple of their styling guides and see which ones have a body shape similar to yours. Though nothing is off-limits, it’s still great to have someone to look up to for style inspiration every once in a while.

Covering up is Not the Aim

Many plus-size ladies resort to leggings and baggy t-shirts due to a lack of confidence. In case you’re doing so for comfort, it’s all right. But remember that such garments will not allow you to creatively express your inner fashionista.

Play around with other clothing options like skirts, dresses, ruffled or empire-neckline tops, etc. These will help bring out your feminine self. Once you find these comfortable, you can gradually work your way up to body-con dresses!

Strategic Accessorising is Important

Too often, plus-size ladies tend to ignore the power of accessories. But that will only be counter-productive in making you feel put together.

Strategic accessorising using a statement necklace, handbag or clutch, and accent jewellery can take a simple outfit of jeans and t-shirt to a new level!

Quality Basics are a Must

Everything in life boils down to the basics, and so does your fashion. Invest in quality undergarments and other basics, such as neutral-coloured minimalist vests, shirts, and t-shirts for layering.

Also, choose fabrics that do not easily cling to the body to look and feel your best.

Wear the Trousers and Seize the Day.

While the above-mentioned tips are the meat, other things you can do to step up your style game are considering contrasting colour combinations, embracing prints, getting out of your comfort zone from time to time, and knowing your measurements by heart.

Opt for a plus-size clothing brand that caters to your unique sense of style – vintage, boss-babe, delicate, street style, etc. And the final but most important tip – you make the rules! Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

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