Is UIUC a Party School?

If you’re looking for a college that’s a mix of fun and class, you may want to consider UIUC. Although UIUC has a reputation for being a party school, there’s a very distinct difference between a party and a “party school.” UIUC is considered the nation’s sixth-best engineering school, and it ranks 15th for business. The city of Champaign, Illinois, is also known as one of the best college towns. Similarly, the University of Iowa has a reputation for being the best party school in the United States. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a ‘party school’ or not, UIUC will definitely give you a great education and great memories.

Despite its party-loving reputation, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a premier academic institution in the United States. The school’s reputation for a fun and sociable atmosphere has little to do with academic excellence. Students at UIC aren’t expected to spend every waking hour in class, but the campus is a cultural and ethnically diverse one. There are hundreds of student organizations, as well as many ethnic groups, on campus.

UIUC also focuses on outside-of-the-classroom achievements. In addition to grades, they look at extracurricular activities and leadership qualities. Your extracurricular activities should show leadership abilities, creativity, perseverance, and generosity, among other traits that make a good employer. While this may not be as important to your application, UIUC does value extracurricular activities as well as grades. It is important to note that UIUC has a strict no-party policy, so you should always follow this rule.

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