How to Make a Middle Class Marriage Budget in India

It’s not always easy to make a middle class marriage budget in India, but it can be done. In this piece, we will explore some ideas for how to save up and avoid the debt trap. We will also discuss the wedding traditions of the middle class in India. Whether the wedding is a traditional Hindu ritual, a Western ceremony, or a mix of both, a budget is essential. Regardless of the budget, however, there are some things to consider.

Generally, a middle class marriage budget in India is Rs2 lakhs to seven lakhs. For an upper class wedding, that amount can rise to more than 40 lakhs. One of the biggest expenses is for wedding jewelry, which can easily push up the total wedding budget. Costume jewelry is a cheaper option, and renting jewelry is becoming a trend among the middle class in India. Renting wedding jewelry allows you to choose a larger variety, as well as the flexibility to coordinate it with your dress.

Indian wedding costs vary depending on the class of the couple, from Mandah fees to Pundit’s fees. Due to the rising cost of living, Indians have become more conscious of their budgets. However, the cost of a middle class wedding can range between eight and ten lac INR. The cost breakdown is as follows:

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