How to Clear Amazon Music History From Your Kindle Fire

There are a few ways to clear the Amazon music history from your Kindle Fire. You can delete the whole album or individual songs. This method is most effective for removing unwanted songs from your queue. In some cases, you may want to delete your entire music library to avoid having your music collection cluttered with others’ favorites. For this method, you must log out of your account first. Then, follow the steps above to clear your music history.

o To delete multiple songs at once, you can hold down the CTRL key while selecting the songs. Click ‘Delete’ to remove them from your library and cloud storage. This method will also remove music from your Prime Music account if you subscribe to it. If you’d rather not delete your songs from Amazon Music, you can also remove them from your library if you’ve subscribed to other services, such as Apple Music and Spotify.

o You can also remove albums from your history by re-logging into your account. To do this, you can sign in to your account on your computer or mobile device. Then, click on ‘Played’ at the bottom of the Recents heading. Now, you’ll see a list of all the songs you’ve played. To remove a song, click on its three-dot icon, which will bring up the song’s menu. You can also view the list of all your albums and playlists under ‘Recently Played’.

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