Google Home Vs Alexa 2021 – Which Smart Speaker Should You Buy?

If you’re in the market for a smart speaker, you’re probably wondering whether you should buy the Google Home or the Amazon Alexa 2021. Both speakers are great and offer great functionality, but you might be wondering which one is better. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each device and which one is best for you. This comparison will also give you an idea of how they differ in terms of size and functionality.

Both have strong points, but the Amazon Alexa is generally regarded as more helpful than its rival. You’ll find it easier to find answers with Alexa, as it has Google’s search engine at its fingertips. But it’s the versatility of third-party smart home integrations that makes it the better choice. The Google Assistant is compatible with over 50,000 smart home devices, while the Amazon Alexa can work with more than twice as many.

While the Google Assistant has fewer smart home devices compatible with it than Alexa, it can be better at answering random questions. Google Home works better when networked with its neighbors. Google Assistant’s speakers are also more convenient to use when they’re networked together. In addition, it’s compatible with more Google services and is more human-like. But despite its shortcomings, the Google Home is still a worthy option.

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