Benefits Of Drug and Alcohol Testing in The Workplace

Using illicit drugs impairs individuals and increases their chance of getting injured at work. Hence, more and more businesses are becoming proactive in protecting their employees by adopting drug and alcohol testing and creating a safe and productive work environment. It is done through random screening on a random group of employees or periodic testing on the entire workforce.

You are probably unaware of its benefits if you have not implemented a drug screening and testing program in your organisation. So, read the section below and learn about the benefits in detail.

Increases employee safety

A safe working space is a basic right of an employee. An employee using drug or alcohol has the tendency to behave aggressively, which often lead to violence and conflict.

Also, illicit substances have a long-lasting effect on individuals impairing their ability to function. It could lead to ineffective decision-making, a lapse of judgement, a lack of concentration, and severe injuries.

With the help of drug and alcohol testing, you can identify and eliminate such risks and make the workspace safe.

Improves productivity

Workplace drug abuse costs millions of dollars due to absenteeism and low productivity.

When recruiting employees, a workplace drug testing program can eliminate the risk of hiring an individual with substance abuse problems. Employees without such issues are more productive and deliver high-quality work. With increased productivity and efficiency, business goals are achieved quickly, which also boosts employee morale.

Reduce health insurance costs

Workers can use compensation insurance when they get sick or sustain an injury at work. When alcohol and drug abuse go unchecked in the organisation, you tend to spend much more on the compensation claim.

Chronic drug usage compromises the immune system. Therefore, employees engaged in substance abuse makes medical compensation claims more often. However, a screening program for drug and alcohol abuse can help you check their usage and prevent costs on these compensation claims.

Improve workplace environment

Non-drug-using employees prefer a drug-free environment. Taking efforts to create a drug-free working environment proves that you are concerned about the safety of the general public, customers, and employees.

Also, the employees and the management work harmoniously to attain shared goals when the relationships are healthy at work. The best way to foster such a collaborative relationship is by creating a workplace where employees deter abuse of illicit substances.

Improve organisational reputation

Actively discouraging substance abuse by an organisation sends a strong message and encourages employees to create a positive change in the work culture.

When you implement pre-employment drug screening and applicant drug-testing, fewer addicts will consider applying, and the number of candidates testing positive will reduce drastically. Adhering to stringent screening processes can help you improve the organisation’s reputation and attract the right talents.

Reduce staff turnover

People with substance abuse problems change jobs at least thrice a year. It costs both time and money to train new employees. If you mistakenly recruit the wrong employee, you must use organisational resources to fill the vacant position. But using the right screening process, you can decrease the staff turnover rate and save a lot of associated expenses.

A workplace with drug or alcohol abuse issues affects the entire working environment reducing employee morale and productivity. When you create a drug and alcohol-free workplace, you can see positive changes in the work environment that foster coordination and collaboration. Therefore, taking the right step toward creating a healthy working environment can benefit the organisation in the long haul.

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