5 Easy Tips to Begin Your Sugar-Free Journey

It feels like a struggle to go sugar-free, right? But it’s not you; it’s sugar. Sugar is highly addictive, and completely cutting it off is not for the faint-hearted. Nowadays, so many sugar-free options are available in the market, like sugar free soft drink, sugar-free chocolate and other confections, which often create more confusion. Do they help to reduce sugar cravings?

Evidence shows that excess dietary sugar is a cause of weight gain. So, it’s an obvious choice to go easy on the sugar. If you have been trying different methods to throw sugar out of your life and failed, you are not alone. Many people foster a love-hate relationship with this ingredient. Thankfully, while it’s a challenge to go on a sugar-free diet, it’s not impossible.

Check out these five easy tips to eliminate sugar without going crazy.

Take it Slow, Don’t Rush

The key to creating a permanent effect is gradually shifting toward a sugar-free diet and not in haste. Customise an eating plan and stick to it as much as possible.

Once you get comfortable with a less sugary lifestyle, cut it by a few more grams. Your taste buds will adapt to it, and after some time, you will not crave high-sugar foods as before.

Sugary Drinks are Big No

Do you know that your average soda has 40 grams of sugar? It is way above the recommended sugar intake of 20-30 grams daily. If you’re avoiding sugary foods but drinking fruit juice, beverages, soda, flavoured milk or tea, it’s all in vain.

Switch your regular beverage with a sugar-free soft drink to avoid sugar intake. Also, try to increase your daily water intake. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day, helping you to stay away from sugary drinks to quench your thirst.

Read Product Labels

Sugar is present in many foods we often eat without knowing. Learning to read product labels will make you aware of the food items laced with sugar. Also, try to research different sugar names to identify the ones to avoid.

Besides processed foods, sugar is also present in salad dressings, condiments, pasta sauce and breakfast cereals. However, you don’t need to avoid each of these items altogether.

Start Eating Whole Meals More

Processed foods contain refined ingredients and added sugar. When you shift your focus to eating whole food, your dependency on processed foods will automatically reduce. Ensure you include food items packed with nutrients to satiate your hunger and cravings.

You might not enjoy eating whole foods all the time. But stick to it; you will learn to enjoy it soon enough.

Body Needs Time to Adjust – Be Patient

As you make these changes in your diet, chances are you will get frustrated. Your body takes time to adjust to these, and you might feel some side effects.

Whole grain food items, like nuts, almonds, oatmeal, barley, whole wheat bread, etc., are great for maintaining sugar levels. Just be patient; it will turn out to be okay.

Sugar-Free Life – Key Takeaways

Sugar is a weakness of most people, and thinking of reducing sugar intake is a brave step. Understand that sugar is not unhealthy in itself. Though, eating refined and added sugars are not as good as consuming sugar from natural sources.

Having more sugar than the recommended intake can hurt your health. Go for a sugar-free alternative like a sugar-free soft drink or diet food items. If starting an utterly sugar-free diet feels scary, start with lowering sugar intake first.

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